Friends For Life redefines “adoptable” every day.

75% of the animals we have placed in loving homes would have been considered “unadoptable” in other area shelters.

The No Kill philosophy, as we see it, requires a more holistic approach to sheltering. We do not believe that it makes any sense for a shelter to value Collies but kill Pit Bulls. It is insupportable to value a fluffy 3 pound kitten but kill a 1.5 pound kitten. Animals with treatable medical conditions like mange, upper respiratory infections, kennel cough or heartworms, to name a few, are treated and adopted into loving homes. Injured animals are treated and adopted into loving homes. If you would treat your own pet for a medical condition or injury, why should these animals deserve anything less?

For living proof that by working together we can redefine adoptable one animal at a time, read about our successes on our Recent Adoptions,Thinking Outside the Shelter pages, and the Friends For Life Facebook page. The smiling faces and joyful stories on these pages is what it’s all about!