Volunteer Shout Out

Rilla Askew

Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.

--Anne Lamott

Walk into the shelter on any given Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday afternoon, and you are most likely to come across our “shining lighthouse,” Rilla Askew conducting an adoption interview. One of Rilla’s special gifts is her ability to put people so at ease. Her conversations with potential adopters are truly a thing of beauty. She probes for the information she needs and gets all of it and more by weaving funny, engaged conversations that skip through topics and experiences like old friends would over coffee.

Rilla’s dedication every week is inspiring. She has been a volunteer at Friends For Life since before most of the current staff members had heard of Friends For Life and before the 22nd Street Center was even a drawing. Her positive outlook is a gift and is just one of those things that make us all look forward to it being a “Rilla Day!”

Shelter concierge is one of Rilla’s most recent duties. When we pull a large number of dogs from a traditional shelter, Rilla gets their space prepared to welcome them. When the dogs come in, they have a snuggly bed, a bowl of water and toys waiting for them in their room. We are sure that a mint on the pillow is soon to come as an added service from this major dog-lover!

Thank you, Rilla, for everything you do! You could choose to shine anywhere and we are so grateful that you choose to shine here!