Volunteer Shout Out

Lisa Cochran

Lisa Cochran (aka LB's Momma) is a Friends For Life volunteer with a kind heart and a passion for rescuing and rehabilitating animals. She not only helps with the daily care of our cats and dogs, but she also assists with dog play dates as a level II behavior volunteer. As an all-star FFL volunteer, Lisa helps with the administrative tasks associated with running a shelter, and at home, she one stellar behavior foster mom. She successfully fostered Lil Bit for several months and is currently Maxwell’s co-foster. Through her commitment to helping LB work through his handling fears and impulse control issues, he was finally able to find his perfect person and his forever home!

Lisa absolutely always has a smile on her face, whether she's entering data, fostering a behavior dog, or even tackling our never-ending laundry. She is energetic, enthusiastic and compassionate. Lisa is an amazing volunteer and a devoted foster. We could not do it without volunteers like you! Lisa, thank you so much for all that you do for FFL!