Volunteer Shout Out

Katayoon Salimi

This month we are giving a high five to Katayoon Salimi!

She is truly a Jane of All Trades here! A normal week for Katayoon is walking dogs, fostering cats, doing all of our inventory, shopping on Fridays (think outfitting a small army each week!), and being a wonderful representative for us at events on the weekend. This woman is a hurricane of help to us! And her energy is contagious!
Katayoon is one of those people it just makes you feel good to be around!

A true blue friend, she is always there for us and we appreciate that deeply. She walks into the shelter with a smiling face ready to do whatever needs doing!

Katayoon has already accumulated over 200 hours since the year started!

PS. She is holding Charles Xavier who is available for adoption.
Hint, Hint.