Volunteer Shout Out

Allison Cowan

Allison Cowan is one of the smiling faces you see at the front desk on weekdays and weekends. She happily, patiently and with a rapier wit, places herself squarely on the front lines in the path of whatever walks in that door or calls on the phone. Working the front desk here is like the Forrest Gump lesson on steroids--the front lobby is like a box of chocolates....you can't even begin to imagine what you're going to get. Allison is ready with a kind demeanor, a readiness to help both humans and animals and a steady professionalism. We are really proud to have her be a first contact for FFL!

Right now, Allison is even fostering Owen the puppy.  As a trained Adoption Counselor, Allison is also available to do interviews when we are in a crunch. Renaissance woman, much?

We thank Allison for her great attitude and dedication to so many aspects of the program that all come together to save lives.