Volunteer Shout Out

Dave Smith

Dave is the kind of volunteer that every non-profit organization in the city would fight over. Not only does he work so hard that his hair is no longer held back by the end of every shift but he signs up for the shifts that are the hardest to fill and he leaves the kitties in a gorgeous spotless home. This year alone, Dave has donated almost 300 volunteer hours.Dave comes to Friends For Life three times a week, every week, to help the cats prepare to be debuted to the public. This shelter is home for these kitties and one of the things that is so wonderful about Dave is that he cares for it with a kind of reverence that bespeaks looking after someone's home. It is also kind of amazing to see how he can move so quickly among them and always give them such respect and usually even  the right-of-way!

Dave has also helped numerous new volunteers get acclimated during their first shift and shows limitless patience and kindness while teaching others.Dave tends to gravitate towards the senior cats. Traditionally "not saveable or adoptable" at other shelters, seniors get the respect they have earned in their lives at FFL. Part of the way we honor these souls who have lived so many years among us is to give them the gift of someone like Dave to nurture them and help keep their home clean and comfortable for them. Curly is his current best buddy in the Senior Room. They talk about secret guy stuff. We don't ask. 

Dave, thank you so much for all you do at FFL. We really don't know what we would do without you besides have alot of 'splainin to do to a room of senior cats who would miss you desperately.