Friends For Life's Plan to Fix Houston

Free spay/neuter in low-income neighborhoods

This summer we started a unique collaboration with the City of Houston. This first of its kind public/private partnership provides free spay/neuter/vaccination to the animals of low-income residents in Houston areas with the highest owner relinquishment rates.

We were overjoyed to see great turnout from the residents, some of whom walked for miles with their pets to be at the staging area at 5 a.m. on surgery days. In just the first two surgery days, 112 animals were spayed/neutered thereby preventing hundreds more births and potentially thousands of animals coming into (and likely not out of) the shelter system.

We plan to continue to expand this life-saving effort throughout the city.

If you're interested in trap-neuter-return (TNR) services for any outdoor/free-roaming cats, please use our form

To underwrite a surgery day, a month or a single animal contact us at