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After Chico’s forever person passed away, he was left in dangerous conditions, but was thankfully rescued by neighbors! He’s proven to be wonderful with other dogs and people and is perfectly-mannered for life as an indoor dog!

Chico is the model canine:

• Chico likes people! He respectfully meets guests on walks or at home. No crazy, jumping dog here – a few sniffs and he’s content to keep walking or go off to his favorite toy.

• Chico guards his home! He proudly alerts you when there are uninvited visitors at the door and easily retreats once you address the guest.

• Chico respects boundaries! He eagerly approaches for attention, petting, and love but never jumps on furniture or gets on your bed.

• Chico loves to play! He favors toys with squeakers; he will dig through his box of toys to find “the one.” Chico loves a great game of fetch, Chico style – you throw, he fetches and returns just close enough to invite you to fetch from him.

• Chico shares! Without protest, Chico will give you his toys from his mouth and will let you remove food if necessary. Chico also shares with other dogs; he’s never been observed guarding his toys or treats.

• Chico is great in the home. He is housebroken and he has never been destructive inside or outside. Therefore, Chico has earned the right to have unrestricted access to his home and to the fenced yard. He is much happier un-kenneled but will accept the kennel if it’s necessary.

• Chico does have some needs. He likes to be clean and requires a weekly bath. He also has some stiffness in his hips; he would do best if he didn’t have to climb many stairs. Chico enjoys car rides and he has no problems getting in a lower car but may need an assist on the hind side for a taller vehicle. Chico loves going for walks but his handler must be on guard for squirrel sightings. If Chico fixates on a squirrel and is not redirected, he forgets about his hip stiffness and the chase in on!

In all, Chico is a wise man with a kind heart. Once you earn his trust, you will see German Shepherd strength and human-like affection in his gaze; a look so powerful that it can’t be described with words. Don’t miss your chance to experience Chico’s unconditional love and companionship. He’s one in a million – gems like him are rare finds.