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Watch Rocky's Video

Everyone seems to want to be the protagonist, the hero, the leader of the gang. Not me! I was born to be a sidekick, and I’m proud of it!
So, with a name like Rocky, those Rottweiller-esque markings, and my chiseled physique, you might take me for the sort of fellow who’d greet you with a resounding “Yo!” Well, no; that just isn’t me. I’m no brooding tough guy! I’ve got a positive and sociable personality and energy to spare, which makes me the ideal activity partner.

-Here are a few other reasons why, like I said before, I was made to be a sidekick:
-I’m smart and well-educated! I know Sit and Down, and I can go to my kennel and take treats gently on cue.
-My house manners are excellent! I never have accidents, am crate-trained, and have kept my paws off all off-limits items, even when home alone!
-I bond so closely with people, they should have called me 007! I love just about everyone I meet, but I absolutely adore my family. I enjoy cuddling up next to them and even sleeping in bed with them, if I’m allowed.
-I adore car rides!Like all good sidekicks, I prefer riding shotgun.
-Like to play? I’m game! Whether your hobbies include playing fetch, tug, or hitting the trails, I want to do all of those things too! And, if you want some time to do your own thing, don’t worry! I love playing with toys by myself, too.

As you can see from my resume, I’m a fabulous companion. Are you the hero I’m dreaming of? I’d be the ideal Robin to your Batman, Watson to your Holmes, Donkey to your Shrek, Patrick to your SpongeBob …