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Always happy, he is famous for flopping belly-up for tummy
rubs on the jogging trail! No one can resist his charm!

Everybody loves Steve! So why would someone leave him tied to a
pole in a busy parking lot? Steve is easy-going and laid back. He
needs daily exercise and will eagerly accompany you on your daily
walks, jogs or runs! Friendly and outgoing, Steve knows how to make

Why you need to meet Steve:

•He’s great company and loves to snuggle!

•He is leash, house, and crate trained!

•Smart! He knows many commands and can learn more!

•He gets along with other dogs and will probably like children when he
meets them!

Are you tired of coming home to an empty house? Wouldn’t it be great
to have someone that always gets excited to see you? Steve wants
to be that someone! He’ll be there for you and listen to everything you
have to say—with total agreement! Steve is a great dog. The only thing
that will make Steve better will be when he becomes your great dog!