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Every dog has a story, and Mia’s life story is remarkable in demonstrating how resilient and accepting a dog can be. Mia was literally skin and bones when found searching for food under a parked car. Fast-forward six months and Mia is glowing with good health! While she enjoys walks, Mia is an easy-goer that loves the indoor life! Mia is a dog that will hear every word you say, as she is always tuned in to your channel!

You’re going to love Mia because:
* Mia enjoys the company of humans and is good around children!
* Mia is house, crate-trained, and well-behaved indoors!
* Mia is smart and has learned sit, wait for it (before eating), go (it’s time to eat!) and softly (to take treats gingerly from your hand). Mia reacts positively if her food bowl is removed before she finishes eating.
* Mia will stand by the door when she needs to go outside to do her business and then return to the door when she’s done!

Mia is happily mellow, and plays nicely with her foster’s small dog. She gets along well with neighbor dogs too! Mia is great around her foster’s grandchildren! Sometimes, Mia will go to her crate on her own at night! Mia is truly a wonderful dog in both looks and behavior. Mia thinks that you’re pretty special too, and that you’d go well together! So, why wait? Meet Mia and jumpstart your future with this truly remarkable dog!