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The sound of his name evokes so many notions: the luscious complexity of a single malt, the lively fun of a schoolyard hopping game, the sweetness of a brown sugar and butter confection … Here at Friends For Life, we think of Skotch as a dog who combines all of the above loveliness: depth of personality, child-like silliness, and an endearing and affectionate nature – all complete with Instagram-ready good looks!

Why Skotch could be the perfect fit for you:
-Smart and curious, Skotch learns very quickly and enjoys training sessions. He already knows sit, touch, wait, look, down, leave it and drop it!
-He’s an activity buddy with a variety of interests. To accommodate your energetic side, Skotch would be happy to go running or walking and adores playing tug and fetch. If you’re feeling lazy, he’d also be at ease curling up next to you in front of your latest Netflix binge.
-He’s got inside manners … He’s both house trained and crate trained, and knows how to sit and stay while waiting for elevators in apartment buildings.
-… AND outside manners! Skotch focuses on his handler while walking and expects to sit at corners before crossing the street.
-He’s not a fan of canine crowds. While he does enjoy playing with other dogs, he can get overwhelmed at the dog park and when meeting dogs on leash walks. Skotch really prefers one on one playdates in his own backyard.

So many times more satisfying than a dram of Scotch whisky, so much more entertaining than a game of Hopscotch, with all the sweetness and zero the calories of Butterscotch … Our Skotch simply ticks all the right boxes for rewarding canine companionship! Come check him out and you’ll see that he truly lives up to the type!