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Whether you prefer light or bold roasts, Kona will fit right into your morning routine.
This darling has a clean bill of health and is eager to help you jump start your exercise regimen or run with you and other doggy friends at the dog park.
Why would you make the perfect human for Kona?
• You’re a neighborhood explorer. Is an evening sunset walk your idea of bliss? Kona is happy to join and won’t mind stopping to smell the flowers with you.
• You have a soft spot for underdogs. Her past as a stray makes her a bit wary of strangers or new situations, but with some reassurance (and sometimes, yummy treats), Kona perseveres through her shyness and will be your best friend.
Kona is loyal, plays well with other dogs and children, and knows the command sit. She looks forward to learning more tricks and adding bursts of energy to your life at all times of the day!