Lil Rascal

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Lil Rascal was rescued from the streets with her sister Sweetie Pie. Life on the streets taught her lots of things, but the thing that carries through the most in her personality is her determined love, loyalty, and protection of her family. Are you the perfect family to give Lil Rascal that same fierce love and loyalty in return? She’s been waiting a long time to find her forever home, and hopes that it might be with you!

Lil Rascal’s Details:

Smart Lady: Lil Rascal has learned lots of new things since living in a foster home! She is house trained, crate trained, and knows “stay”. She is an energetic girl who loves the mental stimulation of learning new tricks. She can’t wait to keep impressing you !

Walkin’ on Sunshine: This lady loves a good walk! When she feels comfortable and secure with you, she walks well on a leash and one of her most favorite things is stopping along the way to sniff the flowers. She’s always on the look-out for squirrels and other interesting wild life. With Lil Rascal, there’s no end to the wonderful things to explore!

Leader of the Pack: Lil Rascal is a true leader and protecter of her pack. She’s very sensitive and will pick up on her family’s slightest discomfort, then do everything in her power to make you feel better. When her foster mom got sick with a fever, Lil stayed right by her side to warm her up and keep her company. When her foster brother was recovering from a surgery, this sweet girl even brought him her toys so that he would have something to snuggle with and cheer him up. There’s really no end to the loyalty that Lil exhibits when you have earned her love and trust. Come by and meet Lil Rascal today, She can’t wait to be your best friend for life!