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Lewis was found behind an old building, abandoned with a heavy chain around his neck. His body shows some scars from a difficult early life, but this tough guy is really just a big ole softy! Right now, Lewis doesn’t have a foster, so he’s spending most of his time in a kennel, which is a lot better than outside, but still not the nice comfy home that this gentle giant deserves. Lewis can’t wait to meet you and show you his warm, fuzzy side.

I Wanna Know What Love Is! And I want you to showww meee! Lewis has traveled so far to change his lonely life; now all he needs is a kind hand and a gentle heart to show this sweet man that he will be safe and secure forever. Lewis has suffered at the hands of humans before, he’s still one to rely on the kindness of strangers. A shelter is a high stress environment, but even though Lewis doesn’t like where he’s at, he still shows nothing but happiness and love whenever he gets visits from people. He still trusts us, even though he has no reason to. Talk about loyalty!

Perfect Day: Lewis’ perfect day would be spent snuggled up on a comfy bed, in a comfy house, dozing off and leisurely chewing on a pig ear. He is a man of simple tastes! That being said, we’re sure that when Lewis really has a chance to discover what it’s like to be part of a real family, he will love to go on walks, snuggle up with his people, run around his very own yard, and maybe even play with some other pups! You have a once in a lifetime opportunity with Lewis to allow him to discover the wonders of the world around him. What a chance! Come by and visit with Lewis today, he can’t wait to explore life and love with you!