Melinda May

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Melinda May was a pregnant Mama-to-be when she was picked up and sent to a high kill shelter, which was a little better because she at least got food and water there. FFL stepped in to help Melinda May and her puppies find homes. Melinda May is a great Mama, but now she’s ready to be a pampered princess!

All About Melinda:

Ms. Manners: Melinda May is house-trained, knows sit, and walks like an angel on a leash. Melinda may have come from the streets, but she has the manners of a proper lady.
Belle of the Ball: Melinda loves everyone: big dogs, small dogs, young people, old people, if you’re around, she’s there to love you. This sweet gal has a lovely spirit and a gentle soul.
Lady who Lunches: Melinda May’s perfect day would start by waking up late, and getting some quality lounge time in. A proper lady, knows that she needs her beauty rest. She would love to spend the day hanging out with her person and munching sweet potato chews. Add a nice lunch on the patio and a warm spot in the sun, and Melinda May would consider herself to be in heaven on earth, with you as her guardian angel. Come visit Melinda May, she’s been waiting on someone to love, and if you’re lucky, you just might be the perfect person to bask in her endless devotion.