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Happy German Shepherd mix Eris was left tied to her foster’s front gate. Luckily for Eris, her foster knew what to do to help her find her forever home with you! Eris is named after a Greek goddess. She is an absolutely wonderful dog that will immediately snuggle her way into your life!

What to expect from Eris:

Intelligence, friendliness, and enthusiasm!
Easy to train! She is doing very well with house training!
A great all-around dog! She excels in being an adaptable, good-natured dog!
She will need exercise, and activities to avoid boredom. Eris would do best in a home with another dog.

Like the Pharrell Williams song, Eris really will bring happiness to you! Eris’s outgoing personality and innate charm may result in a serious case of puppy love, so be prepared! Think about it. You are looking for a great dog, and Eris is looking for you!