Lil Bit

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Lil Bit was found in a field. He is thought to be a Shiba Inu mix—heavy on the mix! What Lil Bit is is a great all-American puppy! Lil Bit is ready to be by your side through whatever life sends your way!
Before bring Lil Bit home, be prepared with quality food, crate, bedding, toys, collar, and leash. Have a good vet lined up, and study up on puppy training! Lil Bit is ready to learn and will be motivated to please you! This is an exciting time, as everything you do with Lil Bit will have a major impact on his behavior and personality. This is a wonderful time, as everything you do will be reflected in Lil Bit—and he will be an excellent dog!
You’ve been wanting a puppy, and Lil Bit wants you!