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Like a beautiful ice princess, sweet Blondie may come off as cold and even haughty, at first. Whenever she meets a new person, proper introductions are in order. Once she warms up, though, Blondie will melt your heart with her warm, affectionate side.
Get to know more about Blondie:
She is lady-like, even when left home alone: Blondie is crate-trained and house trained, so your valuables are safe from doggie destruction.
She is divine on the leash: Well-mannered and easy-going (except when tempted by the occasional squirrel), Blondie is a pleasure to take for walks.
She knows how to share: Blondie is comfortable having both her human and dog friends approach her while she eats or plays with toys.
Speaking of doggie friends, Blondie loves them: Just as with people, she comes off as a bit shy with new dogs, but it takes just a few minutes before she’s playing chase with them.
Don’t let her ice princess-like appearance turn you off! Like many dogs who take time to warm up, Blondie will surprise you with the depth of her devotion and the warmth of her snuggles!