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Marie was found emaciated and running through a park. As is evident from the signs on Marie’s body, she was used as a bait dog and most likely a breeder. FFL is trying their hardest to make up for it by giving Marie all of the love her heart can hold (which is a lot!) but Marie can’t wait to finally settle down with her forever family. Are you just the people to give this big, beautiful baby the stability and love she craves?
Marie’s Basics
Mellow Marie: Nothing pleases Marie more than chilling out with her foster family. Her favorite thing to do is to lie down happily at your feet and watch TV, or snooze while you read a book. Oh, and if you want to give her a nice, gentle brush, she’d be ok with that too!
Marie’s Main Squeeze: If there was one word to describe Marie, it would be loyal. Even though she’s faced hardship, she is completely dedicated to her family. She trusts completely and without agenda. She would do anything for her people.
Perfect Day: Marie’s perfect day would start by waking up on her own nice comfy bed right by the bedside of her human. Next up would be some petting, followed by breakfast (chicken and rice meatballs are her fave.) Then a nice, leisurely walk, followed by some lounging in the yard, maybe chase a squirrel or chew her squeaky toy. A mid-afternoon nap, followed by a gentle evening stroll, and capped off with snuggles and bedtime with significant other (ahem… that would be you.) Come by and meet Marie today. She can’t wait to be home with you forever!