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Brinks was found running for freedom with a thin broken cord wrapped tightly around his neck. He made a break for it because he just knew that the world had something better in store for him. Brinks has always relied on the kindness of strangers, and can’t wait to find his forever family to give him all of the love and security his sweet heart can hold.

Brinks’ Basics

Straight A Student: Brinks’ foster says that he learns more quickly than other dogs she’s met. In the brief time that he’s been an inside pup, Brinks is housetrained, knows sit, go to bed, and is working on some new tricks. Brinks is brilliant, loves treats (any treat!), and pleasing his human. Those 3 things combined make training this gentleman a breeze!

Gimme’ Some Lovin’: Brinks most favorite thing in the whole world is snuggling up with his person. He loves to follow them around and help with chores, and at the end of a long day is the perfect happy face to greet you with love when you get home from work.

Perfect Day: Brinks’ perfect day would start by waking up and snuggling with his people, followed by a fun car ride to the dog park. This wild child loves to run and play! He would cap the day off with a nice walk and then lots of snuggles and couch sitting with his family. Come by and meet sweet Brinks today! He can’t wait to meet his forever family!