Minnie Moo

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Friendly Minnie Moo was found in Memorial Park late at night. You may ask yourself how a dog with so many positive attributes just happened to be all alone in a city park at night. While we don’t know that, we do know that Minnie Moo is definitely a dog you’ll want to take home!

Don’t worry…be happy! – Minnie Moo is super laid-back and agreeable. She likes everybody and everything. Minnie Moo’s foster was concerned at first that her dogs that don’t always get along with other dogs might pose a problem, but Minnie Moo simply charmed them, and now they are best buds!

Prepared – House-trained, leash-trained, not bothered by thunderstorms—and more! Minnie Moo is adaptable and will bring her growing skill set to your home!

A lover – Minnie Moo is a snuggler. She loves to both give and receive affection!

Scholarly – She already knows four commands, and is learning more every day!

Minnie Moo is an all-around great dog! Minnie Moo is an interesting dog, with pleasing pinto markings that are sure to be admired! Smart, compassionate, loving, and trained, she is ready to move in with you and become a vital part of your life. You really need to meet Minnie Moo! It’s the first step toward making her a part of your family!