Betty Boop

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Rescued from underneath a house in the 5th Ward with two other dogs, Betty Boop is in the “getting to know you” stage of fostering. Right now, she is getting used to her living situation and working on being the best dog for your family!

Say my name, say my name – Betty Boop knows her name already! She is smart and considered trainable, so she can learn lots more.

House trained – Yes!

Vocal – Betty Boop is not exactly a barker, but she does “talk” to you in her own special way.

Turn-offs – The vacuum cleaner and unexpected guests. Thunderstorms are sometimes a bother, but not always.

Puppy hangover – Betty Boop has occasionally been known to dig or chew. She is growing out of the habit quickly and will do well with some good exercise and mental stimulation.

When you are a dog on the streets and you find life scary, sometimes the safest place is under a house with your friends. Being rescued means that everything is new and different, even if it is way better than before. There is much to learn, and trust to be developed. Betty Boop is a shy dog in the midst of a major lifestyle change. Things are looking up, and will get even better after she meets people like you! Betty Boop will be a wonderful family member who will never stop showing her love. Isn’t that what you’ve been looking for—everlasting love and affection?