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Cassidy is a Bull Terrier cross and is full of the pluck and tenacity characteristic of the breed. Something of a renaissance man, Cassidy has a multi-faceted personality and many talents.

The Many Faces of Cassidy:

- Snuggle Bug: He loves to cuddle with you in bed or in the couch, but he doesn't mind being in his own bed as well. Don’t worry: he doesn't snore :)
- Stickler for the Rules: This well-behaved young man is potty and crate trained, is comfortable left home alone, and knows to chew his things and not yours.
- Co-Pilot: Cassidy is the perfect company for a road trip! He sits still and very quietly in the seat behind you. He is so calm that sometimes you'll feel the need to check to see if he is still in the car with you!.
- Smart Cookie: In conjunction with loving having a job to do, Cassidy is super smart and eager to please. He knows sit, touch, look, and pick one (for picking toys out of his box).
- Creature of Habit: Being part of your daily routine is Cassidy's dream. If you miss the alarm, he will wake you up with kisses just in time. A potty break and breakfast will follow. Then a brisk walk to get those sleepy parts of your body ready for the day. At the end of the day, dinner and a fun activity are the perfect things to do before getting ready to cuddle for the rest of the night.
- Activity Partner: Cassidy’s favorite activities are … well, anything he can do with you! Bonus points if those pastimes include running, hiking, or swimming.

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