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Cassidy was found with his gang of brothers and sisters, abandoned in an old bathtub and smelling like gasoline. After a good bath and a full belly, Cassidy is an outlaw no longer. He just wants to settle down with the right posse for life. Come by and meet our boy with a heart of gold today!
Cassidy’s Basics
WANTED – One Smart Pup: Cassidy was quick to learn the rules in his foster’s home. He is housetrained, crate trained, and walks well on a leash. He is also great with dogs, cats, and kids. The sky is the limit on what Cassidy can learn!
REWARD – Love, love, love: Cassidy is a bull terrier mix, this particular breed is known for their loyalty to humans and their work ethic. Once you have Cassidy’s heart, he is yours forever. He loves snuggles and couch sitting in the evening, but it’s important that Cassidy get plenty of exercise to even out his snuggle time. Without a good walk, this outlaw can get a little twitchy. Reward Cassidy with a job to do and he will be one happy pup.
Perfect Day: Cassidy’s perfect day would start by wrangling up some breakfast, then some fun time with his human! A morning jog or walk would be next on the agenda, followed by a game of catch in the backyard, or some good ole’ fashioned squeaky toy time. Cassidy loves toys! He would play and play some more, followed by an evening walk, and finally, collapsing in the loving arms of his people at the end of a fun, busy, happy day. Are you the perfect posse for this lil’ outlaw? Cassidy can’t wait to be your pardner for life!

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