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Gus is a handsome fellow with an adorably classic boxer under-bite. Gus was skin and bones when found in a crate abandoned in the Heights. Gus was very sick from parvo virus and malnutrition. But Gus had a strong will to live and with lots of medical attention and TLC Gus pulled through. Now healthy, Gus is ready to go to his forever home!
A special dog – Gus has learning disabilities – probably from poor nutrition as a puppy and/or something congenital. It may take longer for him to learn new things but he can still learn! Gus learns by consistent repetition and clear boundaries.
He’ll steal your heart! – A staff and volunteer favorite, Gus reminds us of the clumsy guy we all had in our elementary school class. You know, the one that sometimes got picked on and never got picked for kickball. That’s our Gus! Sweet natured, he means well and truly has a loving heart.
Companion – Gus would do well with a socially appropriate dog that would continue to teach Gus good manners from a dog’s point of view. Gus would love to play in a yard with his new friend!
Instant fun! – While playing with other dogs, Gus will do somersaults and alternately stalk and pounce on his toys. He likes to tug and will drop when you gently push his “drop button”—his nose.
Training – Gus knows how to sit, down, shake, touch and sit/stay for his dinner. Keeping to a schedule, Gus has not had any recent accidents!
Affection - Gus enjoys petting and affection and is learning to ask for it. He likes to rub his face on your lap and get a nice back scratching!! Gus is a loving dog that will enrich your life if you decide to take him home!

If you can open your heart to our special boy Gus. You will be richly rewarded! We just love Gus for being Gus! We think you will too!