Old Dan

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Three young puppies appeared on the side of the highway – we just wonder how they got there! Fortunately, these hound dog mix puppies—Old Dan, Vic and Tony—were rescued and are ready to make your acquaintance! Did you know that a hound dog is a great family dog that is great with kids and other dogs? Hound breeds are loving and gentle, and come in all sizes. Old Dan, Vic and Tony are pint-sized right now, and just the dog you’ve been looking for!

Puppy Personality: Old Dan is a friendly, playful puppy. The time he spends with his littermates will help him to become socialized and thus, a better dog for you. Old Dan likes dogs, people of all ages, grooming, and car rides. He is not bothered by loud noises, thunderstorms, or going to strange/new places. As a hound, Old Dan will mature into an easy-going dog with a good-natured personality.

Puppy Education: Old Dan is crate trained. Sometimes, he may bark or jump on people. Old Dan is used to a collar and leash. One of the most important things Old Dan is learning right now is how to be a good family dog.

Since you are looking for a puppy, please plan to meet Old Dan and spend some time with him. You may find that for you—there ain’t nothing like a hound dog!