Molly Brown

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Like her namesake who survived the sinking of the Titanic, Molly Brown is prepared to transform her homeless state into an opportunity to survive and thrive! There are signs that Molly may have been abused, so this is her chance to live a normal life! Molly Brown is a loveable dog that gets along with children, other dogs, and loves to cuddle on the sofa!
Personality: Molly Brown is friendly, sometimes timid, likes to please, yet cautious, obedient, adaptable, and trainable. Signs indicating possible previous abuse include being scared by sudden movements and keeping close to the ground when hearing loud voices. Her foster family is working to make her feel safe. Molly likes other dogs, walks, her crate, people of all ages including strangers, grooming, car rides, and going to strange places. She is sometimes bothered by loud noises and thunderstorms.
Training: Molly Brown is house and crate trained. She may sometimes jump on people but its because she is happy to see you…she is learning her manners though. Molly is used to a collar and leash, but pulls a bit on the leash but her fosters are working on that. Molly has displayed no bad habits at her foster home. Molly knows the commands sit, come, lay down, “in your pen”, and stay, and sometimes the commands leave it and down/off. She is working on those last two!
Molly Brown is a great dog that gets excited when she sees you. A family that is loving, kind, and willing to give this beautiful dog another chance at life is precisely what she needs! Do you think that adequately describes you? If so, you need to meet Molly Brown!