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One look at this girl’s beautiful green eyes, and you’ll be swept away!

Like a lot of our feline friends, Bebe has hit a bit of a rough patch in her otherwise content life. Bebe’s owner fell on some hard times, and though it was a difficult decision, made the tough choice of surrendering her to Friends for Life.

Bebe’s Basics:
A Nap (or 3 or 4) a Day Keeps the Dr. Away: Bebe loves to nap! Sometimes when her foster comes home from work, Bebe’s curled up in the same sunny spot that she was in when her foster mom left.

Snugglebug: When this sweet girl moved into her foster home, she wasn’t quite sure what to make of things, it took some time for her to trust that it was a safe place, but now she’s made herself right at home (sometimes, she even takes over the dog’s bed!). She likes to snuggle, get belly scratches, and talk to you. She’s quite a charmer!

Litterbox Wizard: Bebe is meticulous about the litterbox. Her foster has moved it a few times since Bebe has been with her and Bebe has always found it. This girl doesn’t like messes!

Are you the lucky person that can give this beauty a place to call home? Come by and meet her; she’s waiting for her perfect nap partner for life!