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Like a lot of our feline friends, Bebe has hit a bit of a rough patch in her otherwise content life. Bebe’s owner fell on some hard times, and though it was a difficult decision, made the tough choice of surrendering her to Friends for Life. Bebe was an only kitty in the past and is not too sure what to make of all of these new people and smells. She’d like nothing more than to move back into a quiet, peaceful life. Are you the perfect person to sit with Bebe in blissful solitude? She’s been waiting patiently to settle down into a stable life, but her zen is wearing thin! She hopes she gets to meet you soon!

Bebe’s Details

Imagine… Living Life in Peace: Bebe is a sweet girl, who would love nothing more than a peaceful, quiet home. She is very social and enjoys being near her human, but isn’t too lovey dovey. Sitting on the couch while her person reads a good book next to her would make Bebe the happiest lady around.

Standing in the Sunshine: Bebe loves lounging in the sun, and playing! Kitty treats and catnip are two things that make this gentle lady perk right up!

Perfect Day: Bebe’s perfect day would consist of crawling up onto a window ledge to have a long leisurely catnap, followed by some chit chat with her favorite person (that’s you!), maybe a couple of head bumps to your hand, if she’s in the mood, and then more catnapping in the window. Life really can’t get much simpler than that. Come by and meet Bebe today. She’s sure to bring some peace into your world.