Daisy Mae

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Daisy Mae was found on a street in east Houston with her ‘husband’ and six puppies, but now her puppies are moving out, so Daisy Mae needs to move on with her life as well. Daisy Mae genuinely loves people the way she breathes air! Living the good life since her rescue, Daisy Mae has developed an appreciation for the finer things in life…like cushy bedding, regular meals, and bonding with humans that care. Daisy Mae is a dog that you could care for as well! She’s been a mama dog, but now needs to be your dog!

Temperament: Daisy Mae is friendly, enthusiastic, likes to please, adaptable, trainable, and sometimes stubborn, which can be handled with treat incentives while training. Daisy Mae likes other dogs, people of all ages, strangers, grooming, car rides, and going to new places. She chases cats, so perhaps she does not care for them, or maybe it is because they run. Daisy Mae barks some, and is not used to being on a leash.
Training: Living on the streets and providing for her puppies took all of Daisy Mae’s time before her rescue, so she is now working on learning her commands, as well as house and crate training. She has already learned the command come. Daisy Mae is used to a collar, but sometimes jumps on people in enthusiasm. Daisy Mae is an escape artist.

Daisy Mae’s family time has come to an end. She is ready to move in with you and be your pampered companion. Daisy Mae would like nothing better than to walk, jog, play, chill, or do just about anything you might want to do. Daisy Mae is so affectionate and grateful for her blessings! Adopting Daisy Mae would be a blessing to you too! Daisy Mae’s got a lot to give. Are you ready to receive?