Buddy Boy

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Buddy is 'needy' similar to a dog, only he will "talk" to you in his own special way while following you around. You will never be lonely or at a loss for conversation with Buddy, as he is always ready for a nice chat. He enjoys cuddling up to you to watch TV, and will curl at your feet during the night. Buddy is easy to please and allows the foster kittens he lives with to climb all over him, while he coos like a dove!
Buddy is a beautiful silver tabby with gorgeous green eyes that gets along with adult cats too. He is laid back and not at all confrontational with even the most antisocial cat.
Buddy will be the perfect cat for you! You will find him to be loving and giving, and... Wait! Isn't it the season for that sort of thing? Why be lonely during the holidays? With Buddy nearby, you will have constant companionship and positive feedback. What could be better? Buddy is ready to meet you at your convenience.