Tai Tai

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Tai Tai was adopted from Friends For Life but came back when his family fell on hard times. This gentle giant has a sweet presence and a precious little mouth - an irresistible combo:) He likes being petted and brushed and then some snuggle time. Getting cuddles from Tai Tai is a memorable experience. He also has a goofy side and will make a game of chasing his bowls during mealtime that will have you laughing out loud. He just wants to make sure he doesn’t miss a crumb because he can be a bit of a gourmand.

Tai Tai enjoys it when you to bring out his cat wand with the feathers at the end so he can show it who’s boss. His flat scratching post is also a favorite and he will even get cozy on it. Believe it or not, his new foster brother is actually a puppy, who Tai Tai has taken on the responsibilities to teach how to behave. Tai Tai would appreciate a home with time for attention and also time for him to relax and get his beauty rest.