Tender Heart

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Tender Heart was tired of his life on the streets and was wandering yard to yard to find a home to make his own. Luckily, he came across some very kind people who took him in. They could not resist this beautiful and friendly kitty who so desperately was looking to love and be loved.

Since he has been on his own for so long, Tender Heart is independent and adventurous. He may do better in a home where there are currently no kitties since he is used to being the top cat. He loves to explore his foster home and is using the litter box like proper house cats do. One of his favorite things about being a house cat is snuggling in for a pet session on someone’s lap.

Tender Heart is ready to make up for lost time and soak up all the love and attention you can give. Please open up your tender heart and welcome this special kitty into your home!